Sunday, March 14, 2010

Custom Item - Rory Jacket

My brilliant hair dresser, Yumiko, asked me to make a jacket for her husband last Christmas. I was so flattered when she asked me to do it. To me, it is a HUGE compliment when people ask me to design and make something specifically for them. I love watching their reactions when they first see the sketch and first see the final product. Those moments are simply priceless!

The main feature of the jacket is its reversibility! On one side, it looks like a blazer with interesting top-stitching detail, but on the reversed side, it has contrast check pockets, covered buttons, and bias bound seams. It is made out of cotton twill, and wool check contrast fabric. Yumiko told me that Rory really likes hidden details so I thought this would be a great jacket for him. Turned out that the reversed side was a bit too much for him, but he still appreciates all of the details.

Pictures are taken by my talented friend Jackman.

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Sam said...

that jacket looks SUPERAWESOME! I'm really digging guys fashion more than women's lately!