Friday, January 22, 2010

Alex Bennett and Nil Hoppenot by Justin Wu

Justin Wu is fashion photographer based in Paris, France. He initially started out as a fine-art photographer seeking greater representation & exposure with experience in photojournalism, editorial and commercial work. I was really fortunate to collaborate with Justin a year and a half ago when he shot pieces from my graduate collection. When I first met him, I immediately felt his immense passion in fashion photography. In 2009, Justin moved to Paris to complete his Masters in International Management. While he was still in school, he continued to express his interest in fashion photography, working with a variety of modelling agencies, and shooting at various locations in Europe. Justin's work has grown tremendously over the last few years, and has been given the opportunity to publish in magazines. His determination and persistence are truly inspirational.

I am really pleased that Justin will be providing regular installments for my blog. Below are some of his latest works:

Alex Bennett by Justin Wu

Alex has a natural strong appearance which captured Justin's attention. However, it was Justin's goal to remove Alex's edginess by capturing the images with a more journalistic approach.

Nil Hoppenot by Justin Wu

These photos of Nil are the outcomes to Justin's study on male form. The attention are on the form, shades, and raw expressions. His goal was to create an impactful image without the conventional pictoral enhancement in fashion photography.

Other works by Justin can be found on his website.


Weronika Maria said...

Raw images and instinctive forms... I wish they appeared more often in the world of fashion. Congrats on the collaboration!

davidchoudsn said...