Sunday, January 24, 2010

Men Fall 2010- Milan Fashion Week Highlights

Men's Fall 2010 Milan Fashion Week kicked off two weeks ago and ended last week. I got really busy and wasn't able to post some of the highlights. Anyhow, below are some of the collections worth mentioning:
Burberry Prorsum

Christopher Bailey delivered another OUTSTANDING collection. I absolutely love the details, styling, and modernity to his collections. Not exactly a fan of the over-sized jackets (not included in the selection of pictures).

Pringle of Scotland

Pretty much this collection is orgasmic and I want every single piece. I love the colors, the proportion, and the details. They are wearable just like the Burberry collection. This century-old Scottish knitwear brand has some of the most incredible knitwear designs.

Neil Barrett

I tend to not like men in leather pants but these skinny leather pants from Neil Barrett are beyond sexy. He paired it up with a coat (as shown), and a blazer in the collection and both models just looked so sharp! The contrast geometric pieces are nice features- a great DIY project to update your classic blazers/ coats?

Costume National

I love how different fabrics have been incorporated into a garment for many pieces of this collection. I love gray and I adore the shades of grays from this collection. In addition, the fabrics and patterns are fantastic choices.

So far I have noticed a lot of grays, blacks, camel, bright colors, and crazy pAtTeRnS for Fall 2010. Other notable collections are Prada, Dolce and Gabbana (check out this collection!!!). I will be posting highlights from Paris Fashion Week soon so stay tuned!

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Weronika Maria said...

The hawtness of this post made my day! Somehow it immediately reminded me of you & Liam shopping wildly in Paris! ;) xoxo

Such unconventional, elegant yet edgy cuts underlined by interesting combinations of textures is definitely the way to make men look sharp (found me a man who looks this sharp and I will marry him, haha!) AND inconspicuously sultry!

I especially like 1) furry jacket from Pringle of Scotland, leathery pants and leather coat from N. Barrett, whereas Costume National came up with a superb way to make loose pants look sophisticated.