Thursday, January 21, 2010

Illustration - Wired Hair

I really want to improve my illustration skills so I have decided to sketch at least an hour a day. So far I haven't been carrying out my plan. I love drawing and painting but I have to be in the mood. Sometimes I try to sketch for hours but just can't get in the flow; other times I am able to sketch immediately after I pick up a pencil. Hopefully by forcing myself to sketch on a daily basis, my hand will become more natural. Below is a quick illustration that I did.

Pencil and Watercolour


Weronika Maria said...

lovely idea. my art teacher told me in the far-off past to sketch everyday, at least for a little while. but she also recommended to sketch things that surround you so that you can understand better composition of shadows, and i guess in your case that would be body movement.

also, i love watercolor. i usually work with ink&watercolor : )

davidchoudsn said...

I love ink and watercolor also! I'm going to experiment different mediums as this project goes on.